Responsible Snacking On The Go

-Guest post by Ben Kanellitsas from Play Hard-Give Back

Travelers in 2016 are looking more than ever towards socially responsible lodging options. While jet setting around the globe, they want to pair their responsible travel with a socially conscious snacking option. Their desire to purchase with a purpose has created an opportunity for companies looking to uphold ethical practices, source ingredients responsibly and give back to impactful causes. Luckily for conscious consumers, multiple companies are answering that call. The Purpose Hotel, a live kickstarter that has raised $400,000 so far, is a great example of this mind shift in the travel industry.


Picking your ideal lodging is only part of the equation. There are other key ways you can deepen the impact while fueling your wanderlust – one of which loading up on responsible snacks before takeoff. To help, I’ve highlighted four snack companies whose healthy snacks will help satisfy your appetite for social change while you are traveling.

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#1: PlayHard-GiveBack

PlayHard-GiveBack (PHGB) is a healthy snack company inspired by a lifestyle of outdoor pursuits and philanthropy. Their trail mixes and sports nutrition bars will fuel you on your adventures while helping fund social change. Five percent of their sales are donated to their nonprofit partners with varying areas of focus.


By snacking with PHGB on your travels, you too are helping make the world a better place.

Peaceful Fruits snack for conscious consumers.

#2: Peaceful Fruits

What is a day of mountain biking, hiking or adventuring without a friendly fruit strip to keep you energized? You know those unhealthy fruit strips your mom used to put in your lunchbox when you were younger? I do, and when I found Peaceful Fruits I was excited about an alternative fruit snack that had health and social impact benefits.” – Evan Delahanty


After returning from his Peace Corp mission in the Amazon, Evan Delahanty founded Peaceful Fruits to help preserve the Amazon Delta and support the indigenous population. Each Peaceful Fruit Strip is infused with Acai harvested with sustainable measures to ensure the longevity of the rainforest. Furthermore, Peaceful Fruits are produced in Akron OH, where Evan employs individuals with disabilities and provides full time wages! So if you want to relive your youth with a childhood snack reinvented with social impactful, grab some Peaceful Fruits!

Peaceful Fruits is currently launching their own kickstarter to help ramp up their impact.



#3: Kuli Kuli:

Kuli Kuli showcases the impact of responsibly sourcing ingredients. During her Peace Corp tenure in Niger, Kuli Kuli founder and vegetarian, Lisa Curtis, often found herself feeling malnourished. Once she began incorporating moringa into her meals, she suddenly felt revived and energized.


Kuli Kuli was founded upon her return with the goal of using the moringa leaf to promote women-led farming projects across the globe, drive economic growth in impoverished regions and promote women empowerment and sustainable agricultural development. Subsequently, Kul-Kuli produces moringa sports bars, moringa powder, moringa energy shots, and teas. All of their projects benefit local communities that harvest moringa to help make the world a better place.


Check out Lisa’s interview on the Positive Impact Podcast to hear more the growing initiatives.

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#4: Kutoa

Our final snack for socially conscious travelers is Kutoa. Kutoa was founded in 2009 by Joey Grassia with the goal of creating a sports bar that tasted great and helped ameliorate widespread malnutrition in Southeast Asia. Kutoa operates with a one for one model, meaning that with every bar you buy, they pledge to feed a child in need. Each bar has a specific health benefit, ranging from antioxidant to protein perks. Kutoa health bars can help keep you fueled while on the road all while helping those in need of food.


Ben KanellitsasBen Kanellitsas was born in California, but raised as a mountain kid in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Growing up ski racing he had the fortune of travling all over the world competing as a ski racer and now attends the University of Denver in Denver, CO.




4 crazy delicious snacks from social enterprises that help empower communitites around the world. Perfect for the responsible traveler.