9.5 Stories from the Field – Sustainability in the Classroom with Monica Rosquillas (1 to 1 Movement)

What would you do if you had to carry your trash around with you for one whole week? What types of things would be in there? Any things that you might not be too proud of at the week’s end?   That is exactly one of the projects that Monica oversees for 1 to 1 […]

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9: Sustainability with Jonathan Zaidman (1 to 1 Movement)

There’s no denying that together we all need to start taking measures toward sustainability and conservation. It can be a little overwhelming at times. What can one person do about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? How can I equate my energy use to polar bears thousands of miles away?   It’s hard to. Which is […]

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4.5 Stories From The Field: Showcasing One Construction Company Creating Social Change with Alison Freed (Dream Builders Project)

Alison Freed works for perhaps the most unusual nonprofit I’ve come across lately.   Having spent several years in the nonprofit space, you typically find organizations that are continually scrapped for cash with a large percentage of time being spent trying to leverage funds.   Dream Builders Project differs from that description in almost every […]

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