Earth Day 2016

24.5: Stories: Food Strengthening Community – Robin Carroll & Quentin Mables (I Grow Chicago)

Isolation. Injustice. Poverty. Lack of education. Opportunity dessert. 30-40% of children going to bed hungry. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture of a neighborhood in Chicago. Especially when you consider that countless pounds of high quality of food are thrown away every night in restaurants around the city. At this point, you might be wondering […]

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24: Trash to Nutrition – Solving Food Waste Rajesh Karmani (Zero Percent)

We’re getting trashy on the podcast today! Yes, literal trash. Not quite what you thought right? Well we are kicking off an entire month long feature on environmental issues as we head into Earth Day 2016. Trash fits right into this topic, as well as highlighting unique way we can approach waste reduction, importance of […]

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