Compassion It

7.5 Stories from the Field: Compassion in Inner City of Chicago with Burrell Poe

If you are curious about the power of compassion, then Burrell Poe is the champion you are looking for. As an education and outreach coordinator in inner city Chicago schools, he applies this movement to some of the most underserved areas in the city.   There is no denying that Chicago has a troubling past. […]

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7: Compassion is the Key to Solving the World’s Problems with Sara Schairer (Compassion It)

Can you imagine a world where everyone took a moment to put themselves in another person’s shoes? What would that do to impact our daily interactions with everyone we met?   It would change the world.   That’s the vision of Sara Schairer. She realizes the key to this is compassion. If we could install […]

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