2010 Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Episode – The Power of Dignified Work with Sarah Sandsted

“We believe by creating local owners who pay their taxes, follow the rules, and who are really law abiding citizens in every sense of the word, not only are we being respectful of the local economy, but we are also creating a class of people who can not just survive on a day to day […]

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12: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary –Sustainable Recovery with Julie Colombino (REBUILD Globally)

When you think of Haiti, what crosses your mind?   Personally, I see images with camps of tent or destroyed buildings.   Six years ago a devastating earthquake tore through the country. The devastation was unimaginable. The 7.0 magnitude quake killed an estimated 150,000. The physical descruction of the country was unimaginable. Since then, the […]

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