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Welcome to the Positive Impact Community!

Have you turned on the news lately? It’s dismal. In reality, there are countless terrible things going on in the world. But for every terrible thing happening, there is a glimmer of hope out there.
How do I know? Because I connect with individuals who are creating that glimmer.
Literally in the settling dust of a massive earthquake, they see the development of sustainable recovery built around enterprise. When placed to serve in countries devastated by decade long civil wars, they work on education and employment options.
In short – they are freaking amazing!
That vision, hope and drive is what we need to be filling our soul with. A little positivity if you will.
That’s the goal behind the Positive Impact Podcast. I started this after asking what type of legacy we were bringing to the world. {You can learn more about me here}
If you’re like most of my listeners, then you are committed to discovering ways to make a positive impact in your life. From searching for inspiration, to hearing successful individuals to generating ideas to apply to your endeavors, this is the community for you!
There are several different ways for you to get connected.

Listen to Movers & Shakers on the Podcast

I connect with extraordinary movers and shakers. This long form interview episode covers a new style of creating an impact, why this work is so needed today, and lastly the results.
Don’t worry about getting bored. I’ve curated a variety of topics and industries. Curious how you can apply socially conscious practices in the construction industry? I got that. Want to know how a mega corporation leads the industry on animal rights? I cover that too. I’m looking to highlight movers, shaker and changemakers who wear many hats.
Social Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneuers and Changemakers starting a movement.
I hit them all.

Environment & Sustainability

The enterprise of saving the world, reducing waste and preserving resources for a bright future.

Responsible Products

From clothing to snacks, these entrepreneurs have the right idea in product development.

Empowering Women

Companies designed to empower, educate and elevate women (and girls!) around the world.

Responsible Travel

When you're eager to trek across the globe, these countries help you define a trip worthy of remembering.

Developing Countries

Dedicated entrepreneurs take their efforts abroad, helping under served and rural communities.


While a powerful tool, business can't tackle every social issue. That's where key nonprofits come in to make an impact.


Digging into the Impact

When I connect with individuals for the episode, I cover their work, the need and the impact. The last one is my favorite. In fact, I was so in love with this idea of “digging into the impact” that I decided to launch a follow up episode on exactly that.
Insert the “Stories from the Field” episode. You’ll know it’s the impact round by the .5 on the episode.
When you check out those top episodes –  you’ll see several of the mini episodes hit of the top list.

Occasional Bonuses

From extra blog posts to inspirational virtual conferences, I’m know to spice things up occasionally! There’s not enough time in a day to commit to a regular schedule, so there’s no consistency for bonuses. It’s more when creativity (or opportunity) strikes.
I’ve also been know to share insights to Personal Development or dig in a little deeper to our episodes by writing follow up blog posts.

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