When Investing Brings an ROI and Social Change

We draw a funny divide between our philanthropy and financial investing. One lives on one side of the house, the other firmly tucked away on the other side of the house. Yet what we often fail to realize is that our investments drive the growth of the companies we invest in.


A new movement in the financial world is working to alter both the perception and options when addressing our money. No longer does investing solely mean continuing to perpetuating deforestation or funding unethical business practices to see a return. Now you can invest in ways that help make a positive impact in causes you believe in.


Even better? Just because you were intentional about the companies you invested in does NOT mean you sacrifice an ROI.


“The same causes you care about as a donor, you can care about as an investor.”

Elizabeth Coston – Impact Engine


Impact Engine, a socially conscious business accelerator out of Chicago, is striving to bridge that gap by increasing awareness and access to impact investing. A unique player in the accelerator space, they work to bring investors, mentors and socially minded start-ups together to further drive forward positive efforts in the world.


I’m not going to lie, my mind is just a little bit blown right now. After learning about all their efforts, I personally am going to work with my financial adviser to find ways where my investments can intersect with companies championing efforts I believe in.


Our episode dives in further to different aspects of impact investing, as well as the role of angel investing in social enterprise start ups. Listen in here!


Warning- after listening to this episode you will be compelled to develop different ways to approach your money. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.