Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion – Bracelets that Teach Coding

Yes, you read that right. There is a bracelet that can teach you how to code.
Pink Think’s new visionary product blends social interaction, fashion and education in a manner to get girls excited about learning a difficult topic. Founder Makada Ricketts promises that if you are able to write a sentence that you too can learn how to code this bracelet. While it’s designed for younger girls, in reality this new bracelet breaks down a new language in a way that anyone can learn the basics.

You may be pondering where this revolutionary idea came from. Either that or you are like me and envying the creative genius behind it.
The goal behind this stylish bracelet is actually not to derail current fashion trends. It is created solely to engage girls in career tracks that are currently male dominated.
Did you know that through elementary school girls are actually very interested in science and math? Then something happens in junior high and girls lose their interest.
There are multiple potential culprits in this lost interest. You can discover the first, or lack there of, in a jaunt through the toy aisle. Until recently, girls lacked options to explore strategy, building and math through games. Innovators like Debbie Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox, have tackled the toy aisle by creating engineering focused outlets that appealed to girls.
In addition to the lack of option, girls find other interests organically. Socializing with friends and discovering the most recent trends take the forefront. Math and science take a back seat to other academics.
Unfortunately, for most girls, these topics never resurface to the forefront again.
This leads up to a notable absence or small percentage of women in STEM related fields. Makeda Ricketts decided to do something to fix that. She dove into the heart of the problem: the middle school years.
Personally I think developing a business model around teenagers sounds like tackling the wild west head on. Trends are only in season for the length of a Snapchat. Getting teens to think anything “is cool” seems like a modern mystery to me. It goes right there with Snapchat for that matter.
Makeda, on the other hand, has found her stride here. She wins the admiration and attention of scores of young girls. What’s more is she is getting them excited about the possibilities of incorporating technology into their lives.


To accomplish this type of support from school aged girls, Makeda collaborates with girls on product design, capabilities and user experience. Rather than telling girls how to act and what to think, she values them for the unique, creative and smart individuals they are. This has given way to creating a product that engages girls around a complex issue, coding.
After interviewing 14 year old Gigi, I realized the power that Makeda has behind her. When asked why we need thinks like a codable bracelet, Gigi responded, “Coding is the way of the future. We are going to continue to have more advanced things. We need to know how to make them.”
Dang. That is one spot on 14 year old.
She didn’t stop there either. She continued, “We need things that show us we can be pretty and smart.”
Yes. My jaw hit the floor.
I have to admit, I don’t interact with teens that often. After a brief interview with Gigi, I was blown away by her awareness of trends in the industry and drive to move forward into meaningful careers.
Listen in to to Makada’s powerful vision for her new product and the far reaching ramifications of her work.