Fascinating Businesses Empowering Women and Girls

One thing I discovered when I started this podcast is that there are a lot of people doing some pretty darn impressive things around the globe. From technology to developing fair trade high quality hand crafted products to creating change from within a large-scale organization, the list is endless.
And I fully intent to attempt to exhaust that list.
One thing I didn’t expect was the sheer volume of top-notch organizations working to empower women and girls across industries typically dominated by men. We’re talking business, technology, engineering, science and more. Additionally, there is this fantastic network where so many of these movers and shakers connect to spur on each other’s efforts.
Lucky for me, once I started connecting with one or two women in this space, I suddenly I was finding myself learning about a plethora of inspirations movers and shakers.
If you’re all about digging in and learning about the unique and innovative ways women (and a some men) are working to break down barriers and engage women in these industries, here are the episodes to check out:

Chic Ceo Blog

Chic CEO: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Stephanie was actually the very first guest to agree to an interview! (Steph, if you’re reading this you’re a total rock star and I can never thank you enough.) Not only did Steph help to empower me in the podcast, connecting with her organization was pivotal in my growth into a community in San Diego.
And then she rocked the interview.
If you’re looking for resources, tools or just plain encouragement to start to your business then she’s your gal. We dive into the importance of community and ways to navigate the many barricades between starting and succeeding in business.

Chic CEO Stories from the Field: Redefining the Traditional CEO

After such a top-level interview, of course Stephanie would connect me with a fellow rock star. Ana Bermundez doesn’t disappoint. She also doesn’t skirt around the issue. Running a tech startup isn’t always perceived to be a woman’s role. And many of the individuals she runs into let her know that.
Listen in for the real story of what it takes to redefine the traditional role of a CEO in the tech space.


Business Boutique


Business Boutique

There’s no doubt about it; Christy Wright is a powerhouse. Even being in the same room with her is electrifying. It’s incredible that she is focusing all that energy and passion toward one fantastic goal: empowering women in business.
You are hearing a backstage recording! We are connecting during the Business Boutique event in Nashville. While backstage may sound fancy, it is actually a church preschool room. We have the microphones on top of children’s books to make them tall enough to capture our voices.
Don’t let the setting of the interview fool you. This interview is business. We cover the five challenging areas women encounter and advice to move through each area. No matter where you are in your business today, this is a MUST listen. If nothing else, listen just to catch some of that electricity that Christy is putting out!
Listen in here.
Stories from the Field: How Business Boutique Moved Business Forward
If you’re curious how Christy’s lessons from Business Boutique actually help business owners, then listen as I connect with three women from the event. This episode takes place about a month after the event. Each of the three incredible women give inspiring accounts of how they are applying the lessons to move the needle in their business.
Check it out!

Pink Think blog

Pink Think: Teaching Girls To Code Through Fashion

This is definitely one of the most innovative models for empowering girls! Makeda Ricketts is diving into the heart of the problem of engaging girls in tech, lack of toys during adolescence. To go even farther, she pin points the exact time frame girls start to loose interest in areas such as science, technology and math. It’s around 8th grade.
To address the massive drop off of girls in these areas, she has a wearable bracelet that both teaches and encourages girls to code. Let’s be honest, the new Apple watch has nothing on this! It’s stylish, educational and designed to stimulate the mind. Even more so, Makeda connects with girls across the country to ensure the designs and capabilities align with what girls want.
Watch out world, we are about to see an entire generation of women spearheading initiatives and advancements in STEM.
See the bracelets and hear Makeda’s story here.

Stories from the Field: Why We Need to Empower Girls in STEM

We take Makeda’s story one step futher. We connect with Gigi to hear what she thinks about both the bracelet and the current options she has when it comes to toys. While her remarks on the bracelet are top notch, let’s say she is pretty harsh on what toy options she has.
I’ll admit that I don’t spend much time with Junior High aged girls. That being said, from having been one ages ago, I was blown away with the professional and insightful way that Gigi carried herself through the interview. Even her role model is empowering!
As my incredible husband will tell you, it was actually me who struggled in the interview. Luckily he got to edit that part out for me.
Listen into Gigi’s story here.