Earth Day 2016: Sustainability, Eco-Tours, Food & More

Let’s be real for a second here. We have one beautiful and stunning Earth. Yet, there are a lot of unbeautiful things going on. Particularly around sustainability and green initiatives, there’s a lot of room for improvement.
Every year we dedicate a day in April to celebrating the Earth.
I don’t think that’s enough.
First, it’s a big plant. Second, celebrating it and building in preservation methods are things we should be working into our daily life.
To help build in those measures, I’m dedicating the entire month to highlighting movers and shakers innovating change in the environment, around food and with trash.
Here are the episodes currently live:

Zero Percent: Changing Trash from a Problem to the Solution

 Zero Percent Feature
Let’s be blunt here, there’s a lot of trash out there. In fact, our garbage sites are going to be full in the next decade. What about food trash, particularly from restaurants.  Many times they have to throw out perfectly good food since they can’t serve it anymore.
Or is there a better option?
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Stories from the Field Episode: IGrowChicago

Curious how a Peace Home can tackle a food dessert, bring people together and ultimately empower communities? Then this is your episode. Teaser, we spend a good few minutes discussing pumpkin pie. Pretty sure that pie makes everything better.
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National Farm to School Network: Bringing Local Food to Schools

It’s been awhile since I “enjoyed” a school lunch. Students around the country eat them several times a week. You might be surprised to learn that in many districts they are pre plated dull dishes devoid of vegetables or fresh foods.
That is at least, until one dedicated nonprofit stepped in to help bridge the gap between local food and school lunch trays.
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Stories from the Field Episode: Aquaponics in the Classroom

When I think of fish I think of wide open lakes in Montana or rivers in back country Colorado, not the classroom. One creative teacher is putting together an entire biology course around growing (yes, you read that right) fish.
This is one class I don’t think I would want to sleep through.
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Ocean Connectors: Eco Tours Championing Sustainability

Frances Kinney DSC02631
Seeing dolphins, whales and sea turtles is a magical experience. Growing up in landlocked Idaho, it’s one that I didn’t get to experience until Jr. High and later. For under privileged schools in San Diego, this nonprofit is exposing students to the magic of sea life.
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Stories from the Field Episode: Students on Tour

Hear the stories of students on their reactions after seeing real life whales!
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World Wildlife Fund: Empowering Businesses in Sustainability Measures

Businesses play a large role when it comes to sustainability. The truth of the matter is that nonprofit pressures and “goodwill” only go so far. That’s why the World Wildlife fund works with businesses to implement sustainable measures for logging, farming, and other harvesting efforts. It’s a collaborative measure that is both good for business and the environment.
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Stories from the Field Episode: Boots on the Ground

What better way to wrap up this series than with another World Wildlife Fund team member to describe their “Stories from the Field.” Linda Walker dives into the details and recounts incredible stories from around the world.
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Are you championing sustainable measures in honor of Earth Day {or built into your daily routine}? Leave a comment! When we all work together, we can make a lot of progress to making sustainable practices part of our daily life.