This Mother’s Day, Make a Positive Impact

Most of us have been blessed with incredible moms. I know personally I’m a little extra blessed in that category. I often joke on how strong my relationship is, commenting on how multiple phone calls a week might be excessive.
I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Unfortunately many children in the developing world don’t have the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with their mothers. Giving birth is often a death sentence.
Here’s a statistic from the Saving Mother’s website, “More than 343,000 women in developing nations die during childbirth every year. This is the equivalent of 3 jumbo jets filled with women crashing every day.”
  1. Jumbo. Jets. Every day.
What’s even more devastating is how preventable these deaths are. That’s why this Mother’s Day I would like to invite you to honor your mother through. Here is a short clip from Doctor Taraneh Shirazian on how you can get involved.

To learn more about the extent of the life changing work that Saving Mothers does around the globe, listen into the full episode here.