1: How Sunglasses are Curing Blindness with Jenny Amaraneni (SOLO Eyewear)

Social entrepreneur Jenny Amaraneni founded SOLO Eyewear out of a vision to help cure preventable blindness around the world. Motivated by the realization that 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable, she launched into her entrepreneurial pursuits right during her time as a grad student at San Diego State University.


This episode of the Positive Impact Podcast delves into her story, driving home the impact of the sustainable eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses that help restore vision around the world. Starting without a formal business plan, and learning valuable lessons along the way, Jenny’s story empowers anyone wanting to make the world a better place.





In this episode Jenny touched on the importance of nature for gaining mindfulness and focusing her energies. She also showcased two unique adventures she took outside her work with SOLO.


So my question to you, “Are you ready for an adventure?”


Sometimes all you need is the right gear to put you en route for your next excursion. As a fellow outdoors woman (along with my mountain man husband), I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gear to get you started. In no time you will be snagging ridiculous tickets to foreign lands like Jenny (yes, I want to go to Thailand!) or headed off into the mountains for a backpacking retreat.


Jenny gave some great information! We don’t cover all the tidbits from the episode, but we are throwing down all the links and resources mentioned. For the full impact, listen to the episode!


Sites mentioned include:


Resources mentioned include:

Sponsors include:


To connect with Jenny and SOLO Eyewear:


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