Rebuilding Nepal: 1 Year Anniversary of the Nepal Earthquake

Exactly one year ago today, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. Photos of the damage blazed trails across social media sites, news channels and more. This violent quake triggered a devastating avalanche tumbling from Mount Everest. The damage killed over 8,000 and left 21,000 injured.
What I remember most about this particular disaster was the way that Facebook took charge to activate donors around the globe to help support efforts. In two days, they raised over $10 million dollars for humanitarian nonprofits responding to the tragedy.
One question I pondered during this time was what all goes into the aid process? How can we even help countries, especially developing ones such as Nepal, not only overcome but rebuild?
To answer that question, I connected with Barry LaForgia, founder of International Relief Teams (IRT). IRT has been humanitarian aid since 1988. Building upon principals of partnership, equity and efficiency, they take rapid response efforts to help individuals impacted.
The journey that aid organizations and countries go through on the journey from addressing immediate needs to rebuilding inspires. Listen in to hear how one powerful nonprofit helps along that journey.
Note: IRT is currently in the stages of working to provide relief to those impacted by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador. This is a nonprofit that I believe in fully, regularly donate to and (as you will hear about on Friday) spent a week volunteering with in New Jersey. If you are looking for an organization dedicated to doing the most beneficial and needed work, this is it. You can learn about their Ecuador response and donate here.