33: Putting Micro-Entrepreneurs on Tourism Map – Jason Seagle (Vayando)

How dedicated are you to your business? Better question, are you willing to sleep in a tent in a garage for several months while you launch an Indiegogo Campaign?



That’s exactly how passionate Jason Seagle was about launching Vayando, a new way of approaching travel that’s built on creating connections with individuals around the globe. In case you were wondering, that Indiegogo Campaign successfully reached funding. Jason also moved out of his sister’s garage.


And thus Vayando gained much needed traction and seed money to start a movement in travel.


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This new style of travel aims to empower micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries by giving them a platform to enter the tourism market. Currently Vayando serves Rwanda, Uganda and Costa Rica, with sights on heading to Southern Asia. (In my personal opinion, they can’t hit Asia soon enough as I am currently enjoying traveling around in several countries here.)



You might be wondering what type of travel experiences you can find on this new platform. Hold on because this is the type of travel you’ve been waiting for – authentic.





What do all of these excursions have in common? You’re learning the insights to someone’s livelihood. It’s a beautiful exchange of knowledge, often times passing down generations of insights and storytelling, giving you the ability to deepen your connection with the country.



For the curious traveler in you, eager to connect with what inspires, drives and captivates those around the world, Vayando is your platform.


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Listen in to hear exactly how this social tourism country is not only giving micro-entrepreneurs a platform in a dramatically increasing industry, they are also giving them a means to double and triple their income.



  • Do what you can with what you have and where you are.

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