4.0 Luxury Homes Championing Environmental Efforts And Driving Social Change with Mayer Dahan (Prime Five Homes)

Mayer Dahan is creating something you don’t often see in the construction world, particularly the luxury home industry. He is leveraging modern upscale homes to champion both environmental issues and chart a path toward meaningful social change.


As the CEO and Co-founder of Prime Five Homes, Mayer works to create modern upscale homes that far surpass the traditional view of environmental standards.


Here are some of the components Prime Five Homes equips these homes with:

  • Solar power;
  • Water capture systems for irrigation;
  • Smart homes;
  • LED lighting;
  • Recycled materials;
  • Reclaimed wood.


That’s incredible. And Mayer will dig into some cool details.


But that’s not the most exciting thing.


The real exciting part of Mayer’s efforts comes from the Dream Builder’s Project. This nonprofit is created and funded directly through the success of Prime Five Homes. His construction company is driving social change in the LA area.


Sex trafficking. Homelessness. Orphanages.


Those are only some of the issues this innovative and unparalleled organization tackles every day. Mayer’s going to describe the power of this organization, as well as the incredible sustainable measures Prime Five Homes implements.


Here are the environmentally friendly home that Prime Five Homes builds:







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Powerful Takeaways

  • Mayer’s Mantra: “Don’t cheat, lie or steal.”
  • Corporate karma – If you believe that karma exists with people, then since organizations are run by people, corporate karma exists.

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