3: NGS Movement: Redefining the Traditional Career Path

Anna Lenhart isn’t your traditional social entrepreneur. She is a movement creator.

Through NGS Movement, Anna is working to redefine the traditional career path. And to drive that mission, she has an inspiring vision:


Imagine if every fortune 500 company CEO had started their career with a year of service.

If we incorporate a year of service into the traditional career path, like Kuli Kuli’s founder Lisa Curtis, we equip our entire workforce with empathy, teach them versatility and embed entrepreneurial thinking. In today’s episode we get a glimpse into the world of long term service, and the vision of a new world well versed in empathy and a better understanding of the issues facing society today.





In today’s episode, Anna highlighted her recent excursion to the Grand Canyon. To transition from an area with as many people as San Diego to complete solitude for several days, it’s an incredible and meditative experience. We are personally very excited for her to champion John Muir, the PCT and all 25 National Parks.


So my question to you, “Are you ready for a new and incredible experience?”


Anna gave us several great insights! You’ll have to listen in for all the incredible information, but here are the resources she mentioned:


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NOTE ERROR: Both Tulane and Tufts are actively involved in supporting the National Service Movement and while they both have programs that integrate national service, Tufts is the school that implemented the 1+4. Here is Tulane’s program.

Resources mentioned include:



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