Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Episode – The Power of Dignified Work with Sarah Sandsted

“We believe by creating local owners who pay their taxes, follow the rules, and who are really law abiding citizens in every sense of the word, not only are we being respectful of the local economy, but we are also creating a class of people who can not just survive on a day to day wage, but thrive in their families and in their communities.” – Sarah Sandsted, REBUILD Globally


January 12th, 2016 marks the 6th anniversary since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Leading up to today, we touched on the incredible recovery efforts that REBUILD Globally is championing in the country. This started with a riveting episode with Julie Colombino, REBUILD Globally and Deux Mains Designs founder. Following that episode, we connected with craft woman Andremene Jean in Haiti for our Stories from the Field episode.


Translating Andremene’s episode for us we had the incredible Sara Sandsted! Since we were connecting with her, we decided to take a few moments to hear what she is seeing in Haiti today.


Hear her story: