32: Empowering Girlpreneurs – Holly Lichtenfeld (Bright Girls Company)

If you came across a girl selling canoe shaped leaves on the side of the road, what would you do?
Luckily for girls everywhere, several kind-hearted individuals stopped and purchased fascinating canoe shaped leaves when eight-year-old Holly Lichtenfeld stood on the side of the road doing just that. That experience shaped the way for an entrepreneurial passion that today Holly works to foster in girls everywhere.
“Our philosophy is that if we ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in young girls, we’ll set them up for fulfilling and successful lives.”
Don’t worry. Holly has grown past her leave selling days. Today one of the cornerstones of her company, Bright Girls, teaches girls eight and older how to explore creating a business through a captivating new book.
This action packed story places two girls in the lead, navigating the roller coaster of starting a jewelry business. From dealing with disappointment, to thinking about the responsibility of business owners to finding the strength to move forward, this book covers it all.
Because empowering young girls to thrive in business is the key to laying a foundation of women championing greatness.
While some may approach girlpreneur businesses as cute or playful, there are young girls out there creating products making a major splash in the world of business.
  • A nine-year-old girl designing a backpack for cancer patients, gaining attention from a national brand along the way.
  • Raising $100,000 selling lemonade to end childhood slavery.
  • A seventeen year old challenging the loss of a close family member to launch a thriving nonprofits.
Listen in to Holly talk about all the ways Bright Girls is embedding the possibility of entrepreneurship in girls around the country.


Mantra to Move Forward

  • The idea that I can help women and have a positive impact on the world by teaching this next generation of girls to be responsible innovators. They will grow up to make great things.

Memorable Moments

  • Hearing about Alexi’s candle company to help support hose with mental illness. {Read More}
  • Vivienne Harr launching Make a Stand to end childhood slavery. {Read More}
  • Kylie empowering other cancer patients with Pillow Packs {Read More}

Recommended Reading

  • The Confidence Code, By Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

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