18: The Amazon, Acai & Preserving Culture with Evan Delahanty (Peaceful Fruits)

Evan describes his former corporate life as almost a literal cog in a wheel. The analogy is alarmingly spot on as his corporate job facilitates the efficient moving of screws and cogs around a warehouse.
That is, until he throws in the towel in on the unfulfilling corporate route and opts for the Peace Corps.

Check out another successful entrepreneur who skipped out on the norm, leveraging Peace Corps to launch a new approach to travel.

This life-changing journey to Suriname and the Amazon rainforest charts a new course for Evan’s career path. In his words, he goes from, “making a big impact on a small and meaningless thing, such as moving screws, to having a small impact on a meaningful endeavor.”
This new meaningful endeavor comes with a triple social good punch:

Listen in to hear Evan’s incredible journey from cog to social entrepreneur.


  • Produce a snack that people can enjoy with a peace of mind.

Memorable Moments

  • Evan describing the nuances of wearing a kamisah (including the mystery of the cell phone)
  • Talking about bears and hiking

Recommended Reading

  • Mission in a Bottle: The Story of Honest Tea

How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Get outside of your normal life.

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Here is a photo of Evan in the traditional kamisah:



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