9: Sustainability with Jonathan Zaidman (1 to 1 Movement)

There’s no denying that together we all need to start taking measures toward sustainability and conservation. It can be a little overwhelming at times. What can one person do about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? How can I equate my energy use to polar bears thousands of miles away?


It’s hard to. Which is why 1 to 1 Movement is rebranding sustainability.


Rather than taking a large-scale global approach, Jonathan Zaidman is leading his team to drive the impact home. They are connecting with individuals, primarily students, to teach them easy ways to address all 5 of the core issues in their lives.







“Rather than making people feel like they are apart of the problem, make them feel like they are apart of the solution.”


The 5 Core Environmental Issues:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Transportation


Ways to Reduce Your Footprint

  • Keep lights off and energy use down;
  • Bike to work;
  • Grow your own food;
  • Shop at thrift stores.


“Do what works for you. Find a way within your life, your time and your resources that you have to do things that make a difference in your life.”


Resources and Organizations Mentioned


“Be relentlessly resourceful”  -Paul Grant

Recommended Book


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