8: Business Boutique with Christy Wright (Dave Ramsey Personality)

You can’t help but be fired up by Christy Wright’s passionate take on women in business.  From outlining the five biggest challenges women face starting a business to sharing her own humble (and creative) beginnings in business, Christy knocks this one out of the park.
We are connecting behind the scenes at the premier Business Boutique in Nashville. This powerful event connects women from across the United States with other motivated women eager to turn their passion into profitable businesses.


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Christy as well as the other inspiring speakers broke through countless barriers women typically run into while starting and growing a business. You can check out what 3 businesses gained from business boutique here.
Lucky for you this interview literally captures the passion and zeal that Christy Wright has at her live events. Additionally, she breaks down those five challenges giving you tips to move forward no matter where you are in your business today.





Powerful Quotes

  • Sheryl Sandburg, “The greatest career advancements are not positions that are posted, but it’s simply when you solve a problem.”
  • Jon Acuff, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”


Tweetable Moments with Christy

  • “What do you have around you right now, from skills to abilities or actual items to start a business?”
  • “Creativity is an endless well” The more creativity you use, the more you have. It’s like a muscle.
  • “Be true to yourself”



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To see Christy “Shake it Off” check out this tweet from OhSheetLife:



Here is Christy shark diving (such a crazy experience!)


Here is Christy’s beloved Bernese Mountain dog (isn’t he cute!):


Christy's Dog