8.5 Stories from the Field: How Business Boutique Moved Business Forward

In episode 8 we connected with mover and shaker Christy Wright during the premier Business Boutique event! This event was designed to inspire and equip women to go from a hobby to a business.


And it worked!


In this episode we connected with three women who because of the event were able to move their business forward. From the energy in the room to the lessons on stage, Business Boutique was essential in their entrepreneurial journey.





The exciting piece is these are lessons you can apply to your daily life!

Maria Morris was our first guest. She simultaneously runs her Etsy Store and Maria Watercolor. Look at that stunning work! By building out a schedule for each day of the week, she is able to be more intentional about her work. This relieves pressure from her, as well as ensured she addresses all areas of her business. Find out more about Maria Watercolor in this feature article.




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Our second guest, Stephanie Risinger, used Business Boutique as an opportunity to shift her business focus. Currently selling essential oils, she realized her “why” is to help women on their journey to natural fertility. Check out her Podcast!


Our last guest Amber Jones found her why because of attending the event. And it’s a beautiful why. Amber wants to grow her business to be able to provide for her family in the event her husband’s health declines. This renewed energy and drive allowed her to focus in on her strengths in her Disney travel business, Minnie’s Travel Boutique. Not to mention, this focus has enabled her to TRIPPLE her sales.


The power of focus is real. So are these women. They are charting their own path through creating a business.



The resounding message from Maria, Stephanie, Amber and Christy rings loud and true:

  • Identify your “Why;”
  • Focus your efforts on things that move you toward your why, ultimately moving your business forward.


If you are struggling with your why, check out Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why.” You can’t find a better resource to help you identify your why and take strategic steps to position your business around it.


As business owners (and people with busy lives) we all struggle with our time. Dan Miller and Michael Hyatt, two influencers I lover, talk about the importance of treating your time like an investment. One of the best ways to start that is to track and see where you time goes (much like Dave Ramsey and a budget).


Download a free time tracking worksheet to help you see where your time is going and narrow in your focus on the things that matter.