7.5 Stories from the Field: Compassion in Inner City of Chicago with Burrell Poe

If you are curious about the power of compassion, then Burrell Poe is the champion you are looking for. As an education and outreach coordinator in inner city Chicago schools, he applies this movement to some of the most underserved areas in the city.


There is no denying that Chicago has a troubling past. In this episode, Burrell describes how that past plays into many of the issues that Chicago sees today: violence, murder, neighborhoods of extreme poverty, achievement gaps, segregation, gentrification and more.


“All Chicago’s problems come down to a lack of compassion.” -Poe





In the midst of all these extreme challenges, Burrell has been implementing compassion both in inner city schools and community groups. He is using it as an opportunity to combat a negative narrative and build community.


“Compassion builds a bridge between communities of haves and haves not.” – Poe