6: Corporate Responsibility- McDonald’s Championing Sustainability with Bob Langert

When we think of the global franchise McDonald’s, it’s unlikely you think of a company that is at the forefront of corporate environmental and sustainability. I personally had visions of a red French fry basket. And maybe a burger.


What if I were to tell you that not do they have sustainable food and planet responsibility in their values, they have been leading the positive corporate shift in these areas for decades?


You might look at me funny.


It’s the reality though. McDonald’s has been a corporate leader animal welfare, sustainable food sourcing and reducing waste since the 70’s. In fact, animal welfare in slaughterhouses across the entire U.S. would look very different if not for their partnership with Dr. Temple Grandin.

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Bob Langert, former Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability for McDonald’s, dives into a comprehensive look at all the steps that this particular corporation has been taking to truly make a positive impact on the world.






Through their strategic efforts, they are tackling climate change, animal welfare, sustainable food sourcing and more. And because of their overall mission, you find them as an unlikely bedfellow with NGOs and other activist organizations.


While any company can build in key measures to make an impact, when one as large as McDonald’s comes to the table to work with businesses on change, it moves the needle. When you partner with NGOs with, you make sure that needle is pointed in the right direction.


2020 Goals:

  • Reduce waste by 50%
  • Reduce energy by 20%
  • Source coffee, palm oil and beef sustainability


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