6.5: Stories from the Field- Creating Standards for Animal Welfare with Temple Grandin

Driving home the impact from episode 6, Temple Grandin touches on the state of the animal plants in the early 70s. Through a groundbreaking partnership with McDonalds’, she was able to create unheard of strides in animal welfare in plants across the entire United States.


This episode goes in depth to the very strategic scoring system Temple used to audit all the meatpacking plants. She also digs into what is currently happening in the dairy industry.


Scoring Facility Requirements (1999)

  1. Every animal needed to be dead on the rail;
  2. Shoot 95% of the cattle with a single shot;
  3. No more than 1% of the cattle falling down anywhere in the facility;
  4. Only 3% of animals bellowing in the stun box area;
  5. 75% through the facility without any electric prodding.




Dr. Temple Grandin’s Books:

Photo credit: Rosalie Winard