32.5: Girlpreneurs Creating an Impact with Alexis Kauchick (Eternal Essence Candles)

Turning a tragedy into an outlet to empower individuals across the United States, and even the world, is a lesson we can all pull from. It’s an avenue that takes strength and dedication.
This is exactly what Alexis Kauchick, along with the help and support of her parents, is doing.
Alexis started Eternal Essence after losing her brother, then shortly afterwards a close friend took his life. Candle making was her brother’s hobby. Now she can share his passion with others, giving them strength if they are facing a similar loss or trying struggling with mental illness.
“It’s named eternal essence because my brother is the eternal flame. So we have candles to keep him alive with us.”
You see, not only does Eternal Essence sell gorgeous essential oil scented candles; it is also a nonprofit that raises awareness (and funds) for mental illness by donating all proceeds to the The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation.
To date, Alexis has donated $70,000.
What all started with a loss has flourished into a thriving nonprofit. Alexis’s candles are reaching those all around the world! People are inspired by her message, as well as the comfort of knowing they aren’t alone.