30: Using Solar Energy to Empower Nonprofits with Lester Crafton (Ovanova)

Let’s chat solar energy. It’s likely you’ve considered adding this to your home. Driving around in Southern California I can’t believe every home doesn’t take advantage of this free resource to power their home.
Once you dig into the industry, you start to understand why.
It’s complicated. And that’s an understatement. There are solar energy professors who can’t even navigate the process of getting solar on their home.
Luckily one socially minded entrepreneur is removing the smoke and mirrors, making it easier to purchase solar and empowering nonprofits along the way.


Memorable Moments

  • Most recent adventure. Trust me, it’s worth listening to the end to hear it!

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How to Make a Positive Impact

  • If you want to have a big impact, see how many questions you can ask other people today? It starts with a willingness to listen to other people.

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