29.5: Stories: Addressing Maternal Mortality- Dr. Taraneh Shirazian (Saving Mothers)

Having quality hospitals nearby is something we take for granted. While we may pass several doctors’ offices or clinics on our way to work, many individuals in developing country do not have access to proper healthcare.
This has far-reaching implications for women trying to bring a new life into the world. In many developing countries, rather than being an exciting time of life, pregnancy often results in a  death sentence.
Hundreds of women die every day giving birth.
The most staggering aspect of this statistic is that the majority of these deaths are due to preventable causes.
Preventable. Causes.
Saving Mothers is working to change that. The best part is that they have truly managed to crack the science of making low-cost high impact interventions by tapping into the power of community, education and empowerment. This approach to addressing what has been called a violation of human rights is creating a ripple effect through communities.
And it starts with a $10 kit.
Saving Mothers embeds themselves into the heart of communities. There they work with birth attendants who help mothers through labor. It starts with teaching them how to properly and safely delivered a baby using their birthing kits. This is followed by identifying symptoms that mean a new mother should go to the hospital.
These birth attendants and midwives realize that they have life-saving information. Empowered, they go into their communities and work incredibly hard to share this with every single woman they come in contact with.
Which is how a tidal wave of change starts to form.
And that’s exactly what co-founder and Chief Medical Director of Saving Mothers Dr. Taraneh Shirazian is so eager to see. Listen in as she describes the impact their unique approach to eliminating preventable maternal mortality and how their partnership with Babies4Babies is so essential to making sure more newborns get to enjoy their mother’s embrace around the world.


Countless mothers die in labor every day. One organization is working to save them, increasing health initiatives around the world.