28: Disaster Relief – Barry La Forgia (IRT)

One thing has become all to certain – natural disasters will strike. If not once a year, they will turn multiple cities a year to rubble, wipe out seaboards with water or cover entire villages in rock. Even as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of rebuilding Nepal from the 2015 7.8 magnitude earthquake, another one strikes Ecuador.
In the wake of these disasters, we are so often reminded of the beauty of humanity. Thousands around the world stop and find ways to help those impacted. Countless volunteers deploy on these regions to provide everything from supplies to medical attention to mental health care. Donations spring from every corner of the world. While part of you is completely shaken, to see everyone come together truly restores your faith in people
These efforts need to have leaders to guide them forward. Organizations like International Relief Team (IRT) step into the humanitarian arena to channel all these efforts in a way that provides the most substantive and needed relief.
Every time I connect with the team I am blown away. Luckily my first connection with them came prior to my podcasting days. The relationship continues to the point that I am not only a donor; my husband and I also did an entire weeklong volunteer trip in New Jersey. What is uncanny about this nonprofit is their unique ability to effectively use funds. The entire organization is efficient and they ensure the put every dollar to direct aid that they can.
Let’s just say they get a lot done on a minimal operating budget.
This is incredibly important as disaster relief takes years, if not decades to help restore an impacted area. Listen in to hear about the three phases of recovery, as well as how this organization can accomplish so much with every dollar donated.




  • Following in the teachings of Mother Theresa

Memorable Moment

  • Hearing how Barry actually got to meet Mother Theresa!

Recommended Reading

  • Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyle

How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Where do you want to make a mark? And then find a charity that fits the desire of your heart. Get involved.
  • Barry’s comment, “If you want to find yourself, go do service of others. That’s how you find yourself.”

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