27.5 Stories: Earth Day -Business on Sustainable Sourcing – Linda Walker (World Wildlife Fund)

Happy Earth Day movers and shakers!

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this entire month long lead up promoting sustainability, food waste, eco tours, marine life and more. There are so many powerful infinitives out there working to preserve our earth and all of the life in it. If you missed a few, check out the entire list here.
Hopefully, you have found several small yet impactful ways to make an impact in your life.
For our final and celebratory episode, I am connecting with Linda Walker from the World Wildlife Fund. Expanding on my initial conversation with Suzanne Apple, we are getting into the details about how supporting sustainable measures actually benefits large-scale corporations. Basically, Earth Day is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for the WWF. Even more so when you factor in Arbor Day, the renewal of spring and Earth Hour all happening in April.
Needless to say, we have a lot to cover in a short time.
We also touch on what is at risk if we don’t take steps to curbing the illegal and detrimental sourcing currently ravening different forests around the world.
Again, the power of business to address some of these environmental issues will have you rethinking traditional corporations. Many are truly doing a big part to change the course of sourcing practices around the globe.


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