26: Eco Tours & Conservation – Frances Kinney (Ocean Connectors)

When was the last time you dedicated an afternoon to spending quality time outside? It’s amazing how the week slips away and you find yourself trapped back in the office again.


What if I told you that spending time in our amazing outdoors helps you preform better at work?


It’s true! There are new studies highlighting the positive impacts of hanging out and getting those doses of vitamin D. It does the body and mind good. It’s even more powerful when you add in water.


That’s one of the reasons that Frances Kinney, founder of Ocean Connectors, is so passionate about creating opportunities for students in the National School District in the San Diego region to explore nature. She just so happened to have paired that desire with a deep passion for preserving and educating about migratory marine life.


Spending the day learning about and watching sea turtles, gray whales, dolphins, preserving the environment, and it’s all good for your health! Sounds like my cup of tea. I have to admit, I was a little jealous when I got to hear about all the incredible excursions that these students got to enjoy.


Little did I know that San Diego has a population of sea turtles calling the area home. Wish I knew that before I moved!


Lucky for you Ocean Connectors just launched a new Eco Tour that is open to the public. Tourists, locals, and visitors alike can explore these magnificent creatures’ natural habitats while learning about simple yet powerful efforts they can take to make a positive environmental impact. It’s as easy as opting for a reusable bag, knowing a little more about recycling and understanding the fishing practices that bring seafood to your plate. Added bonus, all the proceeds help keep Ocean Connector’s efforts in the schools thriving. More whale watching tours for 5th graders!


So go spend some time outside today. You can listen in to her story on your walk. Or better yet, book your tour today!





  • Believe in your mission wholeheartedly.

Recommended Reading

  • War of the Whales by Joshua Horwitz
  • Blue Mind by Wallace J Nichols

How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Book an Eco Tour, of course 😉
  • Reduce one-time use plastics, choose more reusable items and educate yourself on recycling.
  • Educate yourself on the best fish to buy and why.

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