25.5: Stories: Aquaponics in the Classroom with Jack Lyke (State College School District)

If you are anything like I was a few weeks ago, you have no idea what Aquaponics is. The technical break down goes something like the combination of hydroponics (growing plants in something other than soil) with aquaculture (growing fish).
Now I’ve never been one for biology class. I might have even slept through a few lessons in my high school days.
Stick with me. This is one biology lesson that you actually want to stay awake for.
Jack Lyke from State College School District actually has students growing fish, lettuce and other vegetables by creating an entire ecosystem through Aquaponics. Pretty cool right? In fact, his entire biology curriculum uses this ecosystem to bring his lessons to life.
Students are so enthralled with the subject matter that they actually come in twice a week after school for Aquaponics Club.
I think Jack has reached the ultimate goal with teaching. Learning, engagement and real life applications, what more could you ask for from a class?
Now to take this even further, Aquaponics isn’t a tool only for biology. It has the potential to teach sustainability, agriculture, business, water conservation and more. Jake recently made his case to the school district that the learning potential with this type of tool was endless.
I guess it’s not just students who are loving his lessons since the school agreed to build a 1,000 square foot rooftop green house to keep growing the learning momentum.
Can you imagine if several of your classes took place in a greenhouse? Sign me up for those classes!
Listen in to hear more about this green classroom setting and how Jack’s partnership with Farm to School Network is opening doors for students and teachers alike.