24.5: Stories: Food Strengthening Community – Robin Carroll & Quentin Mables (I Grow Chicago)

Isolation. Injustice. Poverty. Lack of education. Opportunity dessert. 30-40% of children going to bed hungry.
This doesn’t paint a pretty picture of a neighborhood in Chicago. Especially when you consider that countless pounds of high quality of food are thrown away every night in restaurants around the city.
At this point, you might be wondering how this ties into our month dedicated to environmental topics on the podcast. Your answer, food waste. There’s a discrepancy in food use. Restaurants, businesses and even families throw away thousands of pounds of food every day.
I know I’m guilty of throwing away food far more often than I would like.
While reviving wilted or spoiled food from families around the country isn’t a solution, donating food from restaurants and businesses is one way to create dignified food supplies in the communities that need them the most. On Wednesday I connected with Raj, the founder of Zero Percent. He is championing the efforts to completely eliminate food waste in America.
In fact, he is trying to make it just as easy for businesses to donate excess food as it is to throw it away. You can listen to his vision here.
I Grow Chicago intimately appreciates the power of food. Access to food is something I don’t think about a lot. For many Americans, it’s a daily struggle. That’s why the I Grow Chicago peace home provides free food to the community. It’s about education. It’s about empowerment. It’s about dignity.
And this peace home is creating incredible results in the community, including Quentin Mables launching his own socially conscious t-shirt company.
Listen in to hear about pies, kale chips and how one organization is uniquely addressing the needs of a community.



Here’s a photo of Quentin in one of his shirts from his new line Bury Guns Not People.