23.5 Stories: Culinary Tours with Isaac Villaverde (Keteka)

What kind of history do you think your food has? If you’re in Panama, the dish you’re enjoying might have more than just rich flavor. In fact, there is an entire food tour dedicated to delving into the history beyond flavorful dishes. Isaac Villaverde, one of the Keteka guides, takes travels on a one of a kind afro Panamanian food tour.


As a traveler, I can only imagine how unique this type of tour would be! It’s exactly what I am looking for when I explore. From visiting the fish markets with Isaac, to finding the spots where even his parents dine, this is the new flavor of tourism.


Not only are his efforts part of the social enterprise Keteka, he is also championing his own social startup to engage youth with their culture and introduce them to entrepreneurship. Who thought that your food could have such a backstory!


Listen in to not only hear about the absolutely stunningly delicious dishes Isaac creates, but also about this deep seeded history in every dish. It’s incredible to hear how when former slaves had the strength to endure, the pride they took in creating food.


I’m sure you’ll be perusing plane tickets in no time to enjoy this blending history and food for the most scrumptious class you’ve ever had.