21: Tracking Medical Supplies Around the World – Daniel Yu (Reliefwatch)

In today’s world of more advanced technology and smart phones, what can a dumb phone do in developing countries?  In the hands of pharmacists and doctors, it can do a lot thanks to ReliefWatch. This innovative cloud based app is changing the way we track and monitor medicines, and well the potential for any products, around the world.

Listen in to Daniel Yu as he describes the background and what’s on the horizon for ReliefWatch.


  • Be biased toward action.

Memorable Quote

  • The first step to developing a company with large scale potential is understanding the scale of a problem.

Memorable Moment

  • More individuals in developing countries have access to a phone but not a toilet. Mind blown!
  • What does Ebola medicine, ibuprofen and Wrigley’s gum have in common? ReliefWatch.

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How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Do something in the community around you. Something as simple as volunteering at a school or cleaning a community garden can make a big impact to those you connect with.

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