21.5 Stories: Health Clinics in Nicaragua – Katie Lichte (Reliefwatch)

I have to admit, medical clinics around the world is a topic I know very little about. Thankfully to this point it is not a resource I have had to use on my travels. Turns out this is a fascinating space to learn about, particularly with what NGOs, nonprofits, social enterprises and medical personal are doing in the rural areas around the world to make medicine more effective.
Which is why Katie Lichte, former Global Brigades volunteer, is such a treat to connect with! Katie connected with Relief Watch while working in Nicaragua. She describes what the systems are like, as well as how supplies are moved around the country. The coolest part is what doctors and NGOs are doing to eradicate different diseases, ones you’ve never heard of, in rural areas where they can be devastating.
Hopefully I never need to use the medical clinics in rural areas around the world, but I am happy to know that there are dedicated individuals to making medicine more effective.
Listen in to learn more: