20: Activism & News – Olivier Kamanda (Ideal Impact)

Have you ever read a story on the news that inspired you? I’m not talking about something you shared through your channels; really, deeply inspired you to act.
Isn’t that the ultimate goal of storytelling?
One dedicated social entrepreneur says yes. Olivier Kamanda is redefining the way we read the news through his new activism geared app, Ideal Impact. News should no longer be passive. It should create momentum. And taking action just got easier.

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Listen in to hear the next steps after browsing the leading headlines.


  • Don’t Quit

Memorable Moment

  • Talking about Skydiving (which scares the daylights out of me!)
  • The interesting play between altering how people read the news and how people write it (which will lead us to a fascinating mini episode on Friday!)

Recommended Reading

How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Finding room to be conscious about your decision making. Whatever social issue you are passionate about, take small initiatives throughout t the day to help others, support organizations or connect with people with boots on the ground in that area.

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