20.5 Stories: Solutions Journalism – Catherine Cheney (Devex)

There is a movement happening in the world of social media, one that is looking to evoke more than a like when we read the news. Connecting with Olivier Kamanda, he describes his new app Ideal Impact that gives users a platform to engage with the news. The ultimate vision is to create an environment where inspired readers can directly take actions to support the causes they care about.
But that’s only half the equation.
The other half is the story itself. Reporters and journalists need to create stories in a manner that when readers engage, they are supporting proven solutions that work. That’s where movements like solutions journalism and journalists like Catherine Cheney come into play. This movement is literally rewriting the news.

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Then you add in tools like virtual reality and things get really interesting. For the world of development and social impact, it’s really exciting.
Listen in to hear what’s happening in journalism:

Tweetable Moments

  • Problems scream. Solutions whisper.
  • Cover responses to problems as rigorously as you would cover the problem itself.
  • In good solutions journalism, it’s not the person that’s the hero, it’s the idea.

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