19: Showcasing Global Artisans with Sarah Barnett (International Blessings)

Have you ever had the itch to travel? Well today’s guest takes that itch to new extremes! Having traveled to 24 countries, saying that Sarah Barnett likes to travel is an understatement. All this travel creates incredible, unique and downright entertaining experiences. Sarah shares an unbelievable story about singing in China that is a must listen.
What’s exciting through is she uses her global travels to connect with artisans in emerging markets. She goes farther than just connecting. She actually brings their products back to the US to share with customers here through her company International Blessings. Now we can enjoy stunningly crafted jewelry, ornaments, bags, shoes and more.
Sarah and I actually met at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in November of 2015. This phenomenal event brought together women across the United States to help empower each other in business. I’ve actually had the pleasure of interviewing several attendees, including Christy Wright. I so cherish the opportunity to have met Sarah and get to hear first hand her passion and dedication to International Blessings.
Note – we decided not to share the video from China to ensure the safety of those involved.


  • Take one step at a time. Do something everyday that moves your business forward.

Memorable Moment

  • Sarah describing her crazy experience in China singing worship songs with a police officer.

Recommended Reading

  • Push by Chalene Johnson

How to Make a Positive Impact

  • Think about what you are passionate about and what change you want to make in the world. Then research organizations are doing that. Be open to ideas that those in your life might not be open to. Be confident in your passions in your life.

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