19.5 Stories from the Field: Elevating Communities in India with Satish Kumarsh

Sometimes we struggle with the desire to give back in a community with the need to grow our businesses. One social entrepreneur in Bangalore, India discovered the drive, passion and market place to make both a reality in his event planning business. The twist – his social enterprise arm has nothing to do with event planning.
Yet Satish Kumarsh dedication makes it work in the model.
As Satish describes one particular time that his event planning business was able to empower a struggling mother in his community, you realize the magnitude of small generous acts in our communities. When we look to the community and ask how we can help rather than how we can profit, inspiring things happen. Satish and his growing event planning company Happy Planet are proof.

Here are several photos of products and trainings:

Bag1 (14) Training IMG_20150930_103230