18.5 Stories from the Field: Peg & AJ Hass (Peaceful Fruits)

When I interview Evan Delahanty from Peaceful Fruits, it is obvious that he is incredibly passionate about his socially conscious company. There is a lot to be excited about. It’s a new all-fruit snack that harnesses the power of naturally grown acai. It’s scrumptious, nutritious, and made without all the toxic junk you often find in fruit snacks. Additionally, it is helping to create sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas of the Amazon rainforest.
But where he comes alive is when he talks about his partnership with Blick Clinic to employ individuals with a disability or mental health issue.
To dig into this powerful relationship we have AJ Haas, Chief Label Officer, and Peg Haas, former Quality Control, who helped initiate this partnership at the very beginning. What started as a conversation about fruit snacks and Brazil is blossoming into a powerful relationship bringing together a community.
From Star Wars to Indian Jones to music to travel, we see a unique behind the scenes insight to this dedicated labeling team at Blick Clinic.
This is more than just snacks. It’s about empowering individuals to work to achieve their dreams and to celebrate what brings them to life. That applies to both individuals in the Amazon and here at home.
Needless to say, this is one comprehensive snack!
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Here is a glimpse into the team working at Blick Clinic.



When I connected with Evan about his new title, “Big Cheese,” he sent this. I think he approves.

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