17.5 Stories from the Field: Putting Ideas in Motion with Randi Gloss (GLOSSRAGS)

}”If you have an idea that moves, then go for it!” That is the message that Randi Gloss hears when she connects with Millennial Train Project (MTP).  It’s not just an enticing idea. MTP actually helps aspiring leaders move their ideas forward both figuratively through an innovative mentorship based incubator and literally through a train journey across the United States.


Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! I know I am wishing I could enjoy the scenic view of our country via a vintage rail car.


For Randi, this journey is her ticket to thinking bigger in her business, as well as connecting with GLOSSRAGS customers around the nation. What she finds is more than just raving fans. Hear how Randi’s cross country journey is helping her shape social change apparel company and the stories of under reported injustice nationwide she encountered along the way.

Here are few photos from Randi’s trip {photo credit @obshoots_}