16: Super Bowl Edition: Philadelphia Eagles Care with Julie Hirshey

While I thoroughly enjoy watching football, I never in my wildest dreams anticipated the Positive Impact Podcast crossing paths with the NFL. Believe me when I say I’ve dreamed big too. Still, a NFL feature never crossed my mind.
That was until the Eagles contacted me.
While I would like to say I was calm cool and collected when responding, I wasn’t. I guess coming from a family that is obsessed with professional football, the novelty ran deep into my roots.
That’s a separate story though.
I admit I never thought about a professional team in terms of impact they make in a community. I limited my views to the plays they make on the field. When it came the Philadelphia Eagles, that’s a mistake.

Which brings us to the Super Bowl Edition of the Positive Impact Podcast.

Life long fan Julie Hirshey, Director of Community Relations, spent countless seasons watching the Eagles from the cold side of the stadium. To say she was a die hard fan would undercut her dedication to the team. She took her Eagles spirit and started out as a ticket taker at Lincoln Financial Field.
Her dedication paid off as she moved into the Community Relations division.
Three years ago the Eagles Community Relations team enjoyed an opportunity that is uncommon in large-scale corporations. They were able to rethink their entire program. This led to an entire overhaul of how they approached nonprofit partnerships.
Point blank, they weren’t seeing the returns they wanted in the community.
Fast-forward three years and this new program is transforming nonprofits in their community. Additionally this shift in how they structure their nonprofit partnerships also activates the entire staff and players in developing deeper relationships.
Julie describes this as an opportunity for the Eagles to put their arm around a nonprofit and walk with them toward enriching the community. (Although technically it could be a wing.)
As we go into Super Bowl 50 this week, it’s a nice change of pace to evaluate a team by the impact they make in their community.
P.S. Listen in to see which Philadelphia Eagle player shows up to green events by bicycle! Stay tuned for Friday and we will let you know which player pulls out magic tricks when connecting with one local nonprofit.


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