16.5 Super Bowl Edition: Philadelphia Eagles Transforms Nonprofits with Darcy Walker Krause

Have you ever been apart of a company that gives back to different community nonprofits? Think back to that experience or any partnership with a nonprofit.
How would the organization describe that experience?
Here’s a word to shoot for: transformative.
That’s how Darcy Walker Krause from The Center for Grieving Children describes the partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles Care. Not only did she describe it as transformative, she points out several different levels that the partnership helped her organization.
This included literally doubling the capacity. As a larger corporation, this is the ideal ROI on your community relations.
Listen in to hear how the entire staff of the Philadelphia Eagles gets involved in creating meaningful relationships in the community. There’s a lot of magic in these partnerships (including one extraordinary player who masters real magic tricks).



This is a picture Paul took with one of the Eagles as they ran back to the locker room when he got to watch the training camp.

Paul and Eagles(2)