15.5 Stories from the Field: Breaking the Engineer Mold with Kelsey Riedesel

We’ve talked a fair amount about how to help women break into different industries. From tech to business to STEM and more, there are so many social entrepreneurs creating incredible incentives supporting women in these measures. (Check out all the features so far)
After my interview diving into the incredible work Geek Girls does to engage women into all areas of technology with Leslie Fishlock, it got me thinking about women currently in these different industries. Luckily for me, I happen to have several friends totally rocking it in the engineering space.
This includes my best friend Kelsey Riedesel who happens to be on a short vacay to sunny San Diego in between work trips. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to connect with her about being a process engineer in a very male dominated industry.
Listening to her journey to become an engineer really drives home the power of encouragement. Even little actions like letting kids tinker with broken VCRs can open up a world of possibilities.
For those of you who have no idea what a VCR is, let’s just say that there were a lot of components to tinker with…. Be grateful we advanced beyond them.


Here is a photo from our Torrey Pines hike. While she is in town, we are exploring many of the awesome elements of San Diego. This includes the beach, scrumptious Mexican food, kayaking, hiking and more. Oh yeah… there may have been some serious geeking out as well. That’s just standard though.