14: Coffee Creating Sustainable Dental Care with Thomas Fitzpatrick (Cura Coffee)

Are you a coffee drinker? Personally I didn’t start drinking until 2015. Crazy, I know! I personally always thought that when I went to college I would magically fall in love with coffee.
In short that didn’t happen.
But that is a story for another day. Today I want you to think about your cup of coffee. Besides giving you a delightful, and let’s face it – completely needed, jolt of caffeine in the morning, what else is it doing?
What if I could tell you about a cup of coffee that supports sustainable dental care, is fair trade and empowers communities Nicaragua?
You would probably tell me one of two things:
    1. Yeah right.
    2. Ok, even if I did believe you, it would taste like dirt.
Well, neither is true. Not only does Cura Coffee accomplish all the aforementioned feats, it’s also delicious.
Listen in to hear the incredible story of how a dentist on an outreach mission came back the founder of a social enterprise.
P.S. The immigration story was my favorite part!

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Advice to Recent Grads

Jump into internships. Connect to those in the field. Take them to lunch. Take them out for a cup of Cura Coffee.

Advice to Make a Positive Impact

To have a growing impact, you can always become a dentist and come with us on our service trips! If you want a simple way to make an impact and give back, you can do it as simply as having a cup of Cura Coffee.

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