14.5 Stories from the Field: Meaning of Sustainable Coffee with Dr. Jordan Buzzell

What defines sustainable efforts? The more and more I dig into the social space, the more I ask myself this question. Let’s be honest, sustainability is a sexy term. Some people like to put it on a label to increase sales.
But what does it all mean? How do you know if it is actually “sustainable” compared to a marketing tactic?
While I can’t help with identifying this for every brand that slaps the term on their label, I now know exactly what sustainable means when applied to Cura Coffee’s support for sustainable dental care in Nicaragua.
Listen in to hear Dr. Jordan Buzzell’s insights to how when you drink a cup of Cura Coffee, you really can be confident in the socially minded efforts they are supporting. Oh yeah,  you will also hear the four key components to their measure of sustainability.
And then you know us. We like to actually define the impact. Don’t worry, we cover that too!