13.5 Stories from the Field: Power of Education with Kristen Casper (Bosh Bosh)

Sometimes we take for granted the sheer power of education. Let’s be honest. When we were in elementary school or Jr. High, rather than value our classes we spent more time counting down the seconds until we were “released” from the confines of school.


It’s amazing how a little perspective makes you appreciate things you previously took for granted. What if education wasn’t guaranteed? What if our teachers didn’t have reliable tools to the classroom, like chalk? What if you were 30 years old and had never finished school? Would  you go back to 2nd or even 3rd grade to learn how to read?


We might have cherished those fleeting moments in the classroom rather than wishing our time away.


In Liberia, basic education looks a little different. The system managing supplies and overseeing finances is rot with corruption. Teachers don’t have basic supplies. Classes are often canceled due to teachers not having something as simple as chalk.


Students wanted to give back to the school so the school could give back to them.


Hear the stories of the students in Liberia who were so invested in their education, they kept pursuing against an endless cycle of obstacles. And hear the ripple effect of the work Bosh Bosh’s social enterprise has on the education system there.

“It was creating the space where people felt appreciated with their efforts. Where they could find help. Where they could find encouragement. Where they could find a supportive environment that would support their goals.”

-Kristen Casper








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