12: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary –Sustainable Recovery with Julie Colombino (REBUILD Globally)

When you think of Haiti, what crosses your mind?


Personally, I see images with camps of tent or destroyed buildings.


Six years ago a devastating earthquake tore through the country. The devastation was unimaginable. The 7.0 magnitude quake killed an estimated 150,000. The physical descruction of the country was unimaginable. Since then, the images of the aftermath replay on the news whenever Haiti is mentioned.


For Julie Colombino, she sees strength, dignity and a beautiful lush countryside when thinking of Haiti. This is the untold story. While there are still tent camps and struggles, it features an incredible recovery spurred by the strength of a beautiful and resilient people.


This vision is what spurred the creation of REBUILD Globally, a nonprofit focusing on sustainable development. This innovative approach incubated the high end sandal company Deux Mains Designs. Spoiler alert- the sandals are made from tires!


Listen in to hear how dignified employment is going far beyond development. It is bringing hope to an entire country.






Recommend Reading

  • Lynne Twist, “The Soul of Money”



  • Dignity {Which lays the foundation for dignified employment and the way that the company treats customers}


Advice to Make a Positive Impact

  • {After purchasing your snazzy Duex Mains sandals of course!} Be intentional of the impact of your actions. When you make a purchase, understand the impact behind the product. The other thing you can do is to invest in others.


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