12.5 Stories from the Field: Jobs Creating Advancement with Andremene Jean

“I believe that creating jobs in this country is really the way to help us to continue to help us advance. For people to come together and start working so that we can really get back on our feet. If everyone had a job, this country would be much more beautiful.”


That is 49 year old Andremene’s description of recovery in Haiti.


Six years after a devastating earthquake tore through her already struggling country, she still has hope. Much of this comes from working with Deux Mains. This high end sandal company, created in partnership with nonprofit REBUILD Globally, has been approaching development through dignified employment.


Hear how craft woman Andremene describes the impact on the community:






On the official anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake next Tuesday, we are going to be releasing a unique interview with Sarah Sandsted, the Global Operations Director from REBUILD Globally, on how Haiti is recovering and why Andremene’s story is so important.